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Will Save You Thousands Of Dollars

One Day Remediation Process. Lowest Price Guarantee.
Free Inspection With Remediation Plus $100 Off Removal.

"Hire these people for your mold removal! My experience was really good. Justin was the first person to respond to my query. His bid was very moderate considering that he had a space of 1850 sq feet to cover. It was 75% lower than the next bid (I got three). It was so low that I spent extra time with him going over the protocol to ensure that everything was going to be done correctly, and it was. In fact, he went above and beyond the other companies. He was honest (what a novelty in this business). I got a lot of intimidating conversation from the other bidders trying to justify their outlandish bids. Work was done thoroughly in a single day. He's impressive!"

-Kit Cole   San Anselmo, CA

No Scare Tactics, No Price Inflation. Just Straightforward and Honest Information and Performance With Prices That Cannot Be Matched.

How are we different from other mold remediation companies?

Starting with our fair pricing policy, we do not have a minimum charge or quote we must meet. Most companies will not even step in the door for less than an established flat rate. For IAQ, every job's price is determined on an individual basis according to the man hour's estimated to be put in plus cost of product. If we can complete your job in an hour, an hour's time is what you'll be charged.

IAQ will always offer you honest inspections and helpful information. We will never exaggerate the extent of your mold growth to try to land a job. We also give you details as to what conditions we think lent to mold growth in you home, why mold was able to start growing and simple ways to avoid and correct the conditions that generated the mold.

We also utilize tools and products that the competition does not even know about. Have you ever been told that stains left behind by mold are permanent and cannot be removed? If so, you were dealing with a company with inferior technology. Not only do we have superior standards of practice when eliminating the source of mold growth, but we can remove the unsightly stain mold leaves behind on practically any surface. Wood, tile, grout, name it.

Ask about All-Natural Botanical options for remediation. If you lead an all-natural and organic lifestyle, and want to avoid the use of harsh chemicals and unnecessary polluants in your home, IAQ has the means to solve your mold issue NATURALLY

IAQ has the ability and willingness to do the job right the first time. We are so confident in our skill set and experience...WE WARRANTY OUR SERVICE!