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"Hire these people for your mold removal! My experience was really good. Justin was the first person to respond to my query. His bid was very moderate considering that he had a space of 1850 sq feet to cover. It was 75% lower than the next bid (I got three). It was so low that I spent extra time with him going over the protocol to ensure that everything was going to be done correctly, and it was. In fact, he went above and beyond the other companies. He was honest (what a novelty in this business). I got a lot of intimidating conversation from the other bidders trying to justify their outlandish bids. Work was done thoroughly in a single day. He's impressive!"

-Kit Cole   San Anselmo, CA

Remediation Is All About The Process, and We Warranty Ours

Very detailed precautions must be taken during the remediation process. First, the area being remediated must have a containment area set up to prevent disturbed mold spores which will become airborne from spreading to other parts of the home and contaminate an otherwise mold free location.

Inside this containment area, we use an industrial strength air scrubber which cleans the air by pulling it in one end of the machine, passing the air through a filtration system within the machine, and blowing the air out into a tube that is run to the outside of your home.

After this is done, the remediation specialists physically scrub with HEPA filter vacuums or wipe any heavy mold growth seen on all surfaces. We use HEPA filter vacuums to catch and contain any spores that may have otherwise gone airborne i.e. mold growing on ceiling floorboards or joists. In some cases, it is necessary to remove wallboard, dry wall and insulation to get to the source of the mold.

After the source of the mold growth has been exposed and physically scrubbed, it is saturated with an EPA registered sanitizer designed specifically to kill mold, viruses and bacteria. Once all the mold on all the surfaces within the affected area is killed, we move on to the next step which is what we call Sanitation Fogging. Not only will this kill any mold on the affected surface area, but it kills the mold and other contaminates that are lingering in the air as well.

Optional treatments that may be included in your remediation are the application of our Mold Stain Remover and Mold Protectant and Sealant to prevent future mold growth.