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"Hire these people for your mold removal! My experience was really good. Justin was the first person to respond to my query. His bid was very moderate considering that he had a space of 1850 sq feet to cover. It was 75% lower than the next bid (I got three). It was so low that I spent extra time with him going over the protocol to ensure that everything was going to be done correctly, and it was. In fact, he went above and beyond the other companies. He was honest (what a novelty in this business). I got a lot of intimidating conversation from the other bidders trying to justify their outlandish bids. Work was done thoroughly in a single day. He's impressive!"

-Kit Cole   San Anselmo, CA

Mold Inspections Should Not Merely Confirm The Existence Of Mold In Your Home, It Should Also Indentify The Cause Of Mold Growth In Your Home.

Mold inspections in your home can range from being a very simple matter to being a puzzle that the inspector has to put together from a wide range of factors that are evident in your home.

If you suspect you have visible mold in your home, a simple inspection is perfect for you. A certified mold remediation professional will identify the mold for you, and then pin point the cause of the mold growth. Furthermore, suggestions on how prevention of future mold growth can avoided will be provided as well.

The inspection process includes a quote for the remediation of the home sent via email which will include professional assessment as well as pictorial evidence that can be provided to your insurance company for scope of work.

The best part of IAQ's inspection process is we deduct any inspection or air sampling fees from the final cost of your remediation.

Be weary of any company that offers free inspections, because you'll end up paying for it in the end. A tricky gimmick most companies use to get its foot in the door is offering free inspections and estimates. How can a company make money giving away its time unless they make it back in their remediation prices? It's true our company has to charge you an inspection fee to come out and spend 90 minutes at your home, meticulously searching for solutions to your mold problem. However, that inspection is deducted from the final cost of your remediation. This is how we can keep our prices so low.